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Meet Dr. Grayson

Dr. George Grayson is a dentist at Centre Dental Clinic, practicing over 40 years in Windsor, Ontario licensed in both Canada and USA.

Dr. Grayson is affiliated with a number of dental companies such as Surgitel and Clinical Research Dental. He is also affiliated with the University of Windsor Department of Physics and the micro-imaging of teeth bone and associated structures. He is a  former elected member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario for 9 years.



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Over the years, Dr. George Grayson and his team have seen dentistry evolve to be technologically-based, yet the basis for the end result still resides with the dentist and their educational and practical experiences that enable the delivery of exceptional long lasting restorative procedures that are tailored specifically for each person’s needs.

Dentistry has been an amazing healing art form to provide advanced reconstructive procedures for patients from the young to the elderly. Since the inception of Dr. Grayson’s 40-year dental career, he has adhered to the highest quality standards of patient care.

Dr. Grayson and his team place extra care in ensuring that patients understand exactly what is going on, why dentistry is needed, and the many ways it can be delivered successfully.